About Us 

MFour is the recognized leader in GPS survey technology, mobile market research and consumer data. We’re disrupting the $45 billion market research industry by combining consumer opinion data obtained through surveys with passive data sets such as GPS location tracking, including retail store visits, together with observed online activities and purchases.

MFour continues to innovate and evolve market research products and processes. Uniquely, clients now combine survey data and always-on observed behavioral data obtained from members of our all-mobile, first-party consumer panel who opt in to permit tracking of their online and offline shopping and buying journeys. In addition to the factual “where” and “when” of consumer behavior in both physical and digital spaces, MFour clients gain a unique understanding of the emotional “why” behind their decisions.

MFour introduced Surveys On The Go® (SOTG), the industry’s signature mobile research app, in 2011, and began attracting a growing first-party, one-source U.S. consumer panel that now numbers more than 2.5 million members. The quality of their research experiences, and of the data they provide, is reflected in the average ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5 that SOTG users give the app at both the Apple and Google Play app stores.


MFour is the recognized leader in GPS survey technology, mobile market research and consumer data.

Our mobile app, Surveys On The Go®, is used by the largest mobile consumer panel in the U.S. – currently 2.5 million, with 2,000 more joining each day.

MFour provides a comprehensive look at the consumer, from advertising exposure to digital behavior and store visits, along with surveys to explain why.

MFour captures your consumers’ current locations and more: see entire visit histories, then use them to target, profile and segment your audience.

MFour Digital Behavior™ tracks consumers’ digital journeys, giving clients the first complete view of consumers’ observed behavior both offline and online.

GPS surveys and historical visit behavior enable Fortune 1000 clients to reach consumers at the Point-of-Emotion®.

The Nation’s LargestAll-Mobile Panel