Advertising Effectiveness

Now there’s a better way to measure the power of your advertising campaigns before, during and after launch. MFour’s all-mobile, first-party consumer panel is uniquely positioned to deliver reliable advertising effectiveness metrics, thanks to opted-in mobile tracking. Validated exposures among demographically profiled audiences are followed by surveys to measure lift across key ad-performance indicators.

Ad Measurement Suite

MFour’s comprehensive advertising metrics give you trustworthy KPIs for advertising in both physical and digital space and helps you target advertising dollars effectively. Test concepts and creative, including social media ads. Then measure ad performance across channels: traditional TV and Out-Of-Home (OOH), Social Media and mobile online or in-app.

Concept Testing

Display still images, video and audio clips to targeted audiences, protected against downloads and sharing.

  • Target validated consumers by demographic, ethnographic and location profiles to reach key audiences.
  • Get immediate, real-time, in-depth qualitative responses from first-party consumers, revealing emotional impact.


Social Ad Testing

Will your ad break through the social noise? inject creative into target audiences’ actual personal feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, then fine-tune content and ad spend based on what they tell you.

  • Capture reality by testing “in the wild,” not in a simulated feed.
  • First observe shares, likes, clicks, time in view.
  • Then survey for aided and unaided awareness, recall, sentiment and intent.


Intelligent-OOH™ – Out-Of-Home (OOH) Measurement

Connect with real, first-party consumers whose observed location journeys put them in view of your signs. Finally, OOH advertisers get validated metrics; no more relying on third-party models and inferences.

  • Expect 85% response rates from validated consumers up to two weeks after an exposure.
  • Follow up with intenders: observe their ongoing location journeys, then survey to measure the ad’s impact after they’ve shopped.


Digital Brand Studies

Compare control and exposed groups for fast, cost-effective metrics on brand awareness, brand lift and intent to buy.

  • Survey actual, validated consumers for insights into ad effectiveness on mobile and personal computers. Track intenders’ subsequent store visits with mobile GPS.
  • Send follow-up surveys to measure the campaign’s role in driving shopping and buying.
    Starting at $5,000. Click to learn more about Digital Brand Studies.


  • Get your Digital Brand Study set up within days, not weeks.
  • Expect a five-day turnaround between fielding and submission of your data report.
  • No thumb-twiddling for days or weeks. See and analyze completes in real time as they arrive on your project tracker.
  • What we deliver: A fast report that gives you the most relevant data to show how your digital campaign performed.
  • What we avoid: inundating you with secondary data that’s really beside the point and only slows your results.
  • First in speed and quality, least in cost: substantial savings for you in cost as well as time, because we’ve made digital ad measurement more efficient.

Digital Brand Study

List Price: $4,000 per project, including:

  • 100 per cell (control/exposed across both mobile & desktop)
  • QRE template
  • Real-time results dashboard access with data visualization
  • Consumer demographic data (age, gender, ethnicity, region, HHI)
  • Complete data file deliverables
  • 8 weeks of project management
  • Under 24-hour turnaround from campaign completion to raw data deliverable

Digital Brand Study Plus

List Price: $12,000 per project, including:

  • Digital Brand Study package, PLUS…
  • Campaign results cross tabulations deliverable.
  • Campaign results effectiveness PPT analysis.
  • 5 day turnaround from campaign completion to analysis deliverable.

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