Consumer Packaged Goods Research

Smartphones have given Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) consumers unprecedented power to get product information on-demand. The way to understand their preferences and the “why” behind the buy is through in-store or after-visit mobile location research that connects you to shoppers and buyers at the Point-of-Emotion®.

  • Observe and engage the right people – a U.S. audience of 2.5 million first-party mobile consumers, extensively profiled, validated and representative across geography and demographics.
  • Speed your research with fast, validated recruitment, including rapid, representative reach to mobile-centric Millennials, Gen Z, Hispanics and African-Americans.


“MFour is able to deliver something a little more granular,
even, than we had originally desired.”

– Ben Cline, Behavioral Insights, Anheuser-Busch

Solutions for CPG

Gain fast insights from first-party consumers at every level of the CPG purchasing funnel, and beyond.

  • Mobile studies provide reliable data on consumers’ exposure to and favorability toward advertising.
  • Locate and survey shoppers in-store to understand whether your product placement and store displays are having an impact.
  • Follow customers out the door with after-visit surveys to understand the “why” behind the buy for your own products or a competitor’s.


CPG Research Options

In-Store Evaluations

Talk to validated, natural category shoppers inside the store for instant feedback at the Point-of-Emotion® where buying decisions are made. Get immediate opinions on how conditions such as cleanliness, organization and store employees’ helpfulness impact sales.

  • Can they easily find the right aisle, then find your product on the shelf?
  • Did they really see your product? Get photo captures for validation.
  • In-their-own words mobile “video selfies” capture the on-the-spot emotional impact of the customer experience.


After-Visit Interviews

Connect with your validated purchasers immediately after they’ve left the store. Surveying them right now gets you the “why” behind the buy, including the emotional component, before recall bias sets in.

  • Get fast, accurate A to Z insights on shoppers’ total experience and satisfaction, with 25% response rate within one hour, 50% within one day.
  • Easily achieve nationwide representation without in-person exit interviews. Mobile geolocation studies save time and costs and eliminate interviewer fraud.
  • Did they buy your product or a competitor’s? At what price? Photos of receipts validate purchases.


Location Visit Visualization with Path-2-Purchase® Platform

MFour’s Path-2-Purchase® Platform displays observed, always-on visitation data across 12.5 million U.S. locations, including the top 1,000 retail chains.

  • See shoppers’ visits over a span of days, weeks or months for deeper insights into purchasing patterns.
  • Use Path-2-Purchase® to identify consumer segments to survey, based on their observed visits.
  • All of the consumers you’ll observe are doubly opted-in for location tracking, removing data privacy concerns.


Product Usage Testing: A Multi-Phase Approach for Your Brands

Conduct mobile In-Home Usage Tests (IHUTs) to see how validated purchasers are actually experiencing your brand and products. Real-time, in-their-own words selfies made at the point of consumption give you vivid accounts uncovering the “why” behind consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

IHUT First Phase: In-Store Testing

Decide between geolocating natural, in-store shoppers or using recruit-and-send methodology of consumers you recruit and instruct to visit a store and buy the test product.

  • What’s the best on-shelf placement for your product to ensure it is visible and can be found?
  • Does the packaging stand out and do shoppers find it attractive?
  • Learn more about the demographic characteristics of your product’s or category’s natural shoppers.


IHUT Second Phase: At-Home Testing

There’s no better way to get a read on consumer satisfaction with your products, or a competitor’s, than having them create “video selfies” to show and tell you how they’re experiencing the product at the moment of consumption.

  • What’s written on their faces and audible in their voices as they give their evaluations?
  • Do they state satisfaction but respond with an audible or visible shrug?
  • Expect response rates of 85% for the in-home product usage phase, up to two weeks after the purchase.


Competitive Intelligence

You can leverage mobile CPG solutions to understand other brands’ purchasers as fully as you understand your own.

  • Observe natural shoppers’ journeys to the 1,000 top U.S. retailers, then survey buyers of competing goods.  
  • Ask respondents to photograph their receipts to verify purchases of competitors’ products.
  • After validating purchases of competitors’ products, use mobile In-Home Usage Tests to get the same purchasers’ feedback at the time of consumption.


Social Media Ad Testing

Will your ad break through the social noise? inject CPG campaign creative into target audiences’ personal feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, then fine-tune content and ad spend based on what they tell you.

  • To understand reality, test social ads “in the wild,” not in a simulated feed.
  • First observe shares, likes, clicks, time in view.
  • Then survey for aided and unaided awareness, recall and intent.


Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising Measurement for CPG

Until now, researchers trying to measure OOH advertising effectiveness for brands and products have had to settle for inferences drawn from unreliable third-party data. Intelligent-OOH™ (i-OOH) provides real feedback on CPG ad lift from actual first-party consumers whose OOH exposure has been GPS GeoValidated®. You can stop inferring and start knowing.

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