Custom Surveys

MFour’s custom surveys are for brands who demand quality inputs and consultation at every phase of a market research project. Custom surveys are a one-stop solution with smooth, on-time execution and end-to-end project monitoring, support and accountability. Custom research clients get:

  • Unrivaled, proprietary mobile survey technology built into Surveys On The Go®, the definitive, highest-rated mobile research app.
  • A first-party, all-mobile consumer panel of more than 2.5 million app users whose engagement delivers fast, quality completes.
  • A committed, highly-praised survey operations team that’s all about client service and research quality, from the kickoff meeting through QRE design and programming, fielding and data scrubbing to deliver clean, fast completes.


Native Mobile Surveys

MFour has been all-mobile since 2011, long before many insights professionals even considered replacing online surveys with mobile surveys. Now it’s widely accepted that mobile is a must for reaching today’s always-connected smartphone users, and MFour continues to deliver the definitive experience for mobile survey-takers and top data quality for clients. The clearest evidence of app-users’ engagement lies in average ratings of 4.5 stars for Surveys On The Go® at the Apple and Google Play app stores, and in the fast, accurate, high-quality data clients receive.

GPS Intercept Surveys

Custom GPS intercepts allow the client to specify any U.S. locations for in-the-moment, on-the-spot surveys of GeoValidated® consumers who have opted in for mobile location tracking.

  • Location-based surveys can be fielded to be taken in-store or just after a store visit, minimizing recall bias and achieving expected response rates of 25% in the first hour, 50% within 24 hours.
  • Target and segment consumers based on their observed historical visits to 12.5 million U.S. locations, including the top 1,000 retailers and restaurants.
  • Smartphone multimedia lets consumers describe, explain and evaluate shopping experiences with in-their-own-words “video selfies.”


Recruit & Send Studies

When location studies require a specific experience, recruiting and sending consumers can be more feasible and efficient than waiting for natural intercepts.

  • Conduct retail “shop-alongs,” directing consumers to specific products or aisles.
  • Get in-depth evaluations of the entire shopping experience – products, service, atmosphere.
  • Direct respondents to purchase and test a product, with an 85% response rate for product evaluations up to two weeks after the purchase.


Diary Studies

Mobile diary studies enable researchers to engage with consumers over a longer term. Timely in-app push notifications prompt participants when it’s time to take the next survey in the sequence.

  • Segment and recruit diary participants based on observed mobile behaviors and demographic profiles compiled from more than 200 data points.
  • Smartphone cameras give diary studies reliable validation of shopping experiences, purchases and product usage through photo capture of receipts, pictures of store shelves and displays and video selfies of product usage.
  • Observed GPS location-visit data tracks and validates places visited throughout the diary period.


Point-Of-Emotion® MaxDiff

Point-Of-Emotion® MaxDiff measures factors that influence shoppers by asking survey respondents to rank those factors from most-important to least-important.

  • The Surveys On The Go® app displays user-friendly formats for MaxDiff questions and answers.
  • As with all MFour surveys, the clean, intuitive app interface appeals to survey-takers, resulting in minimal drop-offs and high completion rates, including 95% for surveys of 20-plus minute LOI.


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