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Acknowledged as the pioneering leader in mobile market research surveys, MFour is leading the way again by pioneering the collection of passive, always on mobile data from first-party consumers with their informed consent.

Because mobile survey participants trust and enjoy the groundbreaking Surveys On The Go® research app, many are willing to opt in to allow collection of passive data that tracks their observed journeys in both physical (offline) and online spaces. These consumers’ physical buying journeys across 12.5 million U.S. locations are continuously captured and archived on MFour’s Path-2-Purchase® Platform.

Mobile consumers also opt in for Digital Behavior tracking, which follows their searching, shopping and purchasing activities on and other web retailers, as well as their usage of mobile apps.

Brands, agencies and market research firms now can license both data sets for a new, 360°window on offline and online behavior of validated, demographically profiled first-party mobile consumers.

Marrying Passive Data and Survey Data

While observed consumer journeys are rich data assets on their own, they become even more powerful when used to trigger surveys of the same passively observed participants.

Observational data gives researchers a compelling view of who goes where in digital and physical space, including when they go and how long they stay. The missing piece is the “why” that’s crucial to a true understanding of consumer behavior.

MFour clients now can leverage Digital Behavior and Path-2-Purchase data to identify consumers who are most important and relevant to the business problem they’re trying to solve. When they survey the same consumers, they’ll discover the “why” behind their observed journeys. It marries the two key strands of data in the Smartphone Era, providing the first full-circle understanding of consumer behaviors and motivations and clearing fully-illuminated pathways to important insights and smart business decisions.

“Just the facts, Ma’am.”

Get all the facts as 2.5 million validated, first-party consumers shop across America.

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