Mobile Digital Behavior

From the pioneers of mobile market research comes the first always-on Mobile Digital Behavior tracking capability. Understand how validated, opted-in consumers are interacting online with your brand and products. Get detailed data on how they use Amazon, including searches, product views and purchases.

Demystify how eCommerce is disrupting retail by obtaining knowledge of consumer’s actual digital shopping journeys.

Digital Customer Journeys

How are consumers’ opinions and purchase decisions influenced by the content they consume on mobile?

For the first time, MFour offers an always-on digital consumer panel that will allow you to observe and analyze:

  • Search terms and search results
  • Website visitation including full URL
  • Amazon Shopping Behavior: product search results, product page views, basket contents and purchases.


Digital + Location Behavior

Gain a 360º degree view of consumers path to purchase by combining their physical retail journey with their online digital journey.

Researched digital cameras online on Monday.
Visited a Best Buy on Tuesday.
Purchased a digital camera on Amazon on Wednesday.

Trigger surveys based on digital or GeoValidated® location triggers to understand the ‘why’. Digital Behavior provides total visibility into the consumer purchase consideration cycle earlier than any other methodology, technology or solution available.

Robust Data and Analysis

Have a data science team that’s ready to crunch the combination of Digital Behavior and Retail Behavior on our Path-2-Purchase® Platform?
– Great! MFour can deliver raw data in a variety of formats.

Don’t have a data science team in-house?
– No problem! MFour’s seasoned team of research consultants can provide expertise in extracting insights out of these new, observed behavior data sets.

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