Do-It-Yourself Research

MFourDIY® puts researchers at the controls of a fast, cost-efficient yet sophisticated vehicle for extracting reliable data and discovering immediately applicable insights. DIY users connect with the representative, first-party consumer panel of more than 2.5 million U.S. members who use the Surveys On The Go® research app – exactly the same audience that powers our full-service research projects. Special features are standard, including GPS geolocation studies. Identify and reach validated consumers for Point-of-Emotion® insights while they shop, or just after they’ve left a store or restaurant.

MFourDIY Features

You can program up to 100 questions, using advanced survey logic and piping. Get up to 1,000
completes that appear on your project tracker as they come in, giving you a head start on data analysis and reporting.

  • Test your questionnaires before fielding, using a project emulator that gives you the same experience as your respondents to ensure smooth functionality and full engagement.
  • We’ll have your back with hand-scrubbed data cleaning and live, in-house support. Export results in SPSS or XLS file format.
  • No fees, just pay-as-you-go, with the amount you’re spending updated on your project tracker with every new question, feature or variable you program.


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Product and Customer Experience Evaluation

Track how consumers perceive your brand and products with repeatable plug-and-play questionnaires you can update as needed with minimal effort.

  • Reach shoppers (or your competitors’ shoppers) at the Point-of-Emotion® with in-store and after-visit mobile surveys.
  • Fast results: expect a 25% response rate in the first hour, 50% within 24 hours.
  • Use smartphone photo and video capture to validate purchases and experiences, receive visual data and collect vivid comments in shoppers’ own words.


Ad Testing and Ad Effectiveness Measurement 

Advertising is moving rapidly to mobile, so it’s important to test concepts and creative content with mobile consumers before launching a campaign. DIY gives you fast results with sophisticated measurement tools.

  • Select your campaign’s target audience and send them advertising creative, including still images, video and audio clips. Security safeguards prevent respondents from saving or sharing content.
  • Identify consumers who have been exposed to ads in mobile apps, then survey them for ad-lift KPIs such as ad recall, product awareness, and intent to purchase.
  • Connect with natural shoppers in-store and ask about promotional displays to assess their effectiveness.


In-the-Moment Interviews

Why ask consumers to remember whether they visited a store in the past week or month? Locate and survey them right now for Point-of-Emotion® feedback that defeats recall bias.

  • Fine-tune segmentation and collect data from the right audiences thanks to mobile representation.
  • Use text-based questions or share and receive multimedia for questions or answers.
  • “Video selfies” take you into the moment, as you see and hear respondents react in their own words.


Customer Satisfaction

Identify customers who visit your stores or use your app, then gain insights into any aspect of their shopping or product-consuming experiences. Talk to your consumers about their desires and expectations; obtain validated Net Promoter Scores.

Brand Health Monitor

How does your brand compare to competitors? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when consumers see your logo? Smartphone capabilities such as app tracking and multimedia will provide deeper and more vivid insights.

Creative Tests

Smartphones’ multimedia capabilities let you see and hear how products and packaging impact consumers. They’ll tell you if your product is a hit – or give you a crucial early warning that it needs fixing.

Non-Buyer Studies

Get insights into why some consumers leave without making a purchase. Were they just comparison shopping, or did they intend to buy a product, but the item was out of stock? Did they plan to buy, then change their minds? Answers from GeoValidated® shoppers help you convert non-buyers into buyers.

Understand the Competition

Why did a shopper choose a competitor’s product instead of yours? How do consumers view your brand compared to others? Use geolocation studies to stay ahead or gain ground with insights at the Point-of-Emotion®.


Surveys On The Go® (SOTG) gives you access to diverse U.S. consumers, with full representation of Millennials, Hispanics, African-Americans and Gen Z. Discover and target your key consumer segments based on who they are (demographic/psychographic profiles), then use mobile geolocation to target again, based on where opted-in SOTG users go, how often, at what times of day, and for how long.


An intuitive survey builder gives you access to more than 120 question types and full logic and piping design capabilities. Ask up to 100 questions and get responses from up to 1,000 validated consumers. Add special mobile features such as location tracking and video capture.


Test your questionnaires before fielding, using a project emulator that gives you the same experience as your respondents to ensure smooth functionality and full engagement. Make changes as needed to perfect the survey experience.


Reach more than 2.5 million consumers who use Surveys on the Go®, the highest-rated, most downloaded, and most technologically sophisticated consumer survey app. Our live, in-house help desk ensures you get the quality completes you need.


Your DIY Project Tracker shows results in real time as they arrive from the field, so you can start analyzing data right away. Choose from a variety of formats to download final results for your own analysis.

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