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MFour is a full-service market research and mobile research technology company that provides A to Z consulting and project execution as well as the pioneering mobile-app technology and mobile consumer panel that are the crucial inputs for producing the quality data and insights clients need to make smart business decisions grounded in consumer reality.

MFour’s full service consulting is for brands who demand quality inputs and consultation at every phase of a market research project. Clients get a one-stop solution with smooth, on-time execution and end-to-end project monitoring, support and accountability.

“Their team is really great to work with.
It’s easy to integrate with their products, and their
support and customer service is top notch.”

– Michael Provenzano CEO & Co-founder Vistar Media

Your Full-Service Research Toolbox

Unlike research technology providers who have a questionable feel for how researchers use the software they sell, or online panel providers who often cut corners on quality in their struggle to fill quotas from a dwindling pool of engaged research participants, MFour gives you expertise in all facets of the technology, operations and data analysis clients need to understand consumers and generate success. When you choose us for full-service project consulting and execution, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Unrivaled, proprietary mobile survey technology built into Surveys On The Go®, the definitive, highest-rated mobile research app.
  • A first-party, all-mobile consumer panel of more than 2.5 million app users whose engagement delivers fast, quality completes.
  • A committed, much-praised survey operations team that’s all about client service and research quality, from the kickoff meeting through QRE design and programming, fielding and data scrubbing to deliver clean, fast completes.


Research Technology: Labs & Engineering (L&E)

Here’s where the technology comes from. L&E built and maintains Surveys On The Go® and is continually enhancing and expanding the app’s mobile research capabilities. Our tech team also is fully on board to make as-needed adjustments specific to your projects and to newly-identified research needs.

Research Operations

It takes special expertise and experience to conceive, design, program and field state-of-the-art mobile research with a client’s objectives in mind – all the while giving constant, loving attention to the care and feeding of the all-mobile consumer panel everyone’s depending on for thoughtful engagement and accurate data. Nobody else has these operational capabilities under a single roof, complemented by tech backup to make adjustments and solve problems quickly when the need arises. The best mobile research requires special expertise and quality assurance. Features include:

  • Creatively partnering on QRE design and advising you when to use solutions unique to mobile research, including GPS location tracking and multimedia content.
  • Emphasis on data cleaning and fraud prevention, with careful scrutiny of each complete, and trap questions to detect and exclude robots and dishonest human responders.
  • Hastening your path to insights by posting data in real time on your project tracker as cleaned and validated completes come in.


Data Analysis and Reporting Team

Senior Research Consultants (SRCs) oversee full-service projects and create your deliverables. Besides reporting the findings clearly in the formats that best meet your needs, they bring decades of collective experience to advising clients on what the data means and what it suggests for solving the business problem at hand.

Algorithmic analytics and modeling based on third-party data won’t provide the full picture. Expert human analysis of accurate data from a single, trustworthy, first-party panel of real consumers is the best approach. It’s all yours with Full-Service Consulting by MFour.

“We recommend MFour because of their methodology,
panel and because they’re a good team to work with.”

– Warner Bros. Pictures

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