GPS Interviews

MFour’s geolocation technology creates a unique opportunity to combine observed and survey data, tracking opted-in, first-party consumers’ journeys to physical locations, then targeting them for immediate in-store or after-visit feedback at the Point-of-Emotion®


Intercept consumers upon arrival at a location. Surveying them during or just after the visit effectively combats recall bias.


Watch where your consumers go before or after visiting a location. GPS tracking enables you to identify behavioral trends and interests among different demographics.


Mobile GPS research lets you segment by how often opted-in consumers visit specific locations or kinds of locations, taking you beyond standard demographic segmenting.

200 Completes in 2 ½ Hours at 7-Eleven

Learn how MFour’s GeoValidation® GPS technology sets the new standard for blazing fast quick-turn research.

Leveraging 2.5 Million Consumers 

Segment by who they are and where they go: more than 2.5 million first-party mobile research participants have been profiled across 200 demographic and psychographic variables.

  • Combine the demographic “who” with the observed “where” of tracked location visits.
  • Identify and survey frequent or infrequent visitors, brand loyalists, agnostics and rejecters.

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Path-2-Purchase® Platform

Observe 750 ,000 daily location visits made by opted-in users of Surveys On The Go®, the leading mobile market research app.

  • Track them across 12.5 million U.S. locations, including the top 1,000 retail and restaurant chains.
  • Interact at the Point-of-Emotion® by pushing mobile surveys in-store or after-visit, including photo capture and video feedback.

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