Political Research

Voter-Matched, First-Party Consumer Panel

You need to understand registered voters, but getting them to answer voter surveys has become an arduous tax.  The solution is mobile research. Maximize your chances for the political data you need by matching validated voters against validated members of the only all-mobile, first-party consumer panel.

Strategize with Validated, First-Party Political Intelligence

First-party mobile consumers engage willingly with smartphones, so mobile surveys give you the fast, accurate electoral and issue-oriented feedback you need.

  • Start by matching profiling characteristics of validated mobile panel members against the voter profiles you need to understand and influence.
  • Match again to create a list of panelists who meet your profiling criteria and are registered to vote. Expect response rates of 25% within one hour, 50% within 24 hours.


Political Research Options

Who Will You Reach?

2.5 million U.S. adults ages 18 and over use Surveys On The Go® (SOTG), the highest-rated smartphone app for mobile research.

  • When users sign up for SOTG, they are surveyed extensively for profiling information, including age, sex, income, race and many more characteristics.
  • Use these known characteristics to target surveys across more than 200 demographic and psychographic data points, nationwide, by state or by district.
  • Representation allows research into voter attitudes by district, state or nationwide.


Voter Segmentation and Lookalike Modeling

Use consumer profiles to identify groups of voters by demographic and psychographic characteristics. Examples: soccer moms, young professionals, suburban blue collar dads, etc.

  • Survey segmented groups to drill down for attitudes and shape ways to influence them.
  • Conduct opposition research by identifying and surveying your rivals’ likely voters.


Millennial, Hispanic, African-American Audiences

These groups are a growing political force and are overwhelmingly smartphone-centric. Now you’ll reach them in the mobile zone where they’re comfortable exchanging ideas and information.

  • Solve the well-documented problem of connecting with representative numbers of “hard to reach” minorities and Millennials.
  • Get insights into the best messaging for today, but also with an eye on the future.


Testing Voter Attitudes

You can use traditional question types to gain voter insights, then leverage smartphones’ multimedia capabilities.

  • Ask voters to rank a list of political attributes from most- to least-important.
  • Enrich political insights by asking voters for open-ended “video selfies.”
  • Respondents’ smartphone selfies reveal degrees of intensity and emotional force you can share with campaign principals.


Quick-Turn Research

In a world where political events go viral in minutes on social media, it’s essential to gather accurate data fast to inform next moves.

  • Mobile engagement with matched voters achieves response rates of 25% in one hour, 50% in 24 hours.
  • Track the completed surveys in real time as they come in, to begin crafting actions and messages without having to wait.


Campaign Ad Testing

Test any kind of messaging or creative content faster with mobile.

  • Test content with different voter segments to match messaging with the audience.
  • Security technology prevents recipients from downloading, copying or sharing test content, including video and audio.
  • Mobile location data lets you observe mobile voters when they pass in view, then survey to measure effectiveness.


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