Restaurant Research Solutions

Today’s consumers are more likely to have a phone in hand than a fork. People discover restaurants and food on their phones and increasingly order meals on their phones. It’s just common sense to track them and survey them on their phones, too. MFour is the pioneer of restaurant research in the Smartphone Era.

Food Fight!

If you do market research for restaurant brands, you’re in a food fight with the competition every day. Enlist 2.5 million U.S. consumers who use MFour’s Surveys On The Go® mobile research app to help you win. Engaged, representative smartphone-centric respondents are the key to connecting with the most relevant audience at the fastest speed.

Solutions for Restaurant Research

Get fast accurate feedback from validated consumers about all aspects of the restaurant experience, including in-restaurant and after-visit interviews that take you to the Point of Emotion® where satisfaction or pain points are most vivid.

  • Understand impacts of pricing and menu items, including effectiveness of special promotions and offers.
  • Audit satisfaction with food, service, cleanliness and atmosphere – any important consumer interface.
  • Gather competitive intelligence by connecting with your rivals’ customers.


Location Visit Tracking

Observe consumers’ daily journeys, then survey them at the right moment when their restaurant visits are most vivid. Track across 12.5 million U.S. locations, including all major national and regional restaurant brands. Then push them mobile surveys while they’re still in the restaurant, or just after they’ve left.

Asking Questions

  • Where do people eat, when, and how long do they stay?
  • Pre-profiling plus location tracking tells you without having to ask whether you’re attracting the customers you want.
  • How far are people willing to drive to your restaurants?

Getting Answers

  • Specify the consumer profiles of the diners you want to attract to your restaurants.    
  • The “where,” “when” and “how often” of pre-profiled, always-on geolocation-tracked consumers are constantly recorded, stored and are immediately accessible .
  • Well-targeted mobile location surveys let you focus on what you need to know: the crucial “why” and “why not” of consumer behaviors and sentiments.

Restaurant Research Options

In-Restaurant and After-Visit Research

The most valuable data is captured during or just after a meal, when the satisfaction or disappointment of a restaurant experience is still deeply felt and perfectly remembered.

  • Ask respondents for smartphone photos documenting their purchases and prices paid; get in-their-own-words “video selfies” that express exactly how they feel.  
  • Including video from passionate customers impresses stakeholders and helps you get through to decision-makers.


Ad-Effectiveness Measurement


Reach validated viewers of a show just after it ends and check for recall of your brand and the ad itself.

  • Fast turnarounds: 25% response rates within one hour after a show ends.
  • Track subsequent location journeys to see whether they subsequently visit your restaurant.


Mobile Ads

See if your mobile ads are reaching the right audiences. Phones record ads received by each consumer panel member.

  • Confirmed exposures plus recipient’s profiling info tell you whether your ad is reaching the right segments.
  • Survey validated ad recipients for recall, awareness, intent to visit.


OOH Solutions

Connect with real, first-party consumers whose observed location journeys have put them in view of your signs. You get validated metrics; no more relying on third-party models and inferences.

  • Survey after an OOH exposure for key metrics on awareness, brand and product recall and intent to buy compared to an unexposed control group.
  • Observe location journeys of stated intenders, then survey again if they come to your restaurant. Did the OOH ad help them decide?


Point-of-Emotion® MaxDiff Studies

Use mobile MaxDiff to obtain ranked preferences for brands, products, packaging, messaging and more.

  • A clear, smooth mobile interface makes it easy for respondents to select answers.
  • The mobile-app survey experience makes drop-offs rare, even at longer LOI.


Tracking Brand Health

Concerned about your research reach? Talk to fully representative U.S. 13- to 55-year-olds about your menus, offers and restaurant atmosphere.

  • Connecting on their phones achieves full census representation of Hispanics, African Americans, Millennials and Generation Z.
  • How are your restaurants trending and why? Monitor brand health with fast, easy tracking surveys.


Competitive Intelligence

You can leverage all of MFour’s in-store, after-visit and location tracking research capabilities of to understand other dealerships’ shoppers as completely as you understand your own.

Observe your competitors’ app users and survey about experiences with that brand. Establish custom private communities of competitors’ GeoValidated® customers (or your own) for regular feedback that reveals your competitive weaknesses and strengths.

Custom Panel Building

Build and Ask

Run your typing tool to identify and segment members of MFour’s Surveys On The Go® (SOTG) first-party mobile research panel who match your restaurant’s target audiences.

  • Passively observe visitation patterns to all relevant restaurants, including your competitors.
  • Survey at the Point of Emotion® during or just after a dine-in or carry-out experience.
  • Continue to build the panel as new members who match the segments you need join SOTG.


Quick-Serve Restaurant meets Quick-Results Survey

We surveyed validated, first-party consumers we’d tracked at a QSR chain in 5 Texas cities.

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