Retail Behavior Data

Get the only one-stop solution for understanding the “why” behind consumers’ buying journeys. Track your audience 24/7. Observe validated, pre-profiled, first-party consumer panelists’ journeys across 12.5 million U.S. locations, including the top 1,000 retailers.

Complete the picture with mobile digital behavior of validated first-party consumers, including Amazon shopping behavior. Are they visiting your shopping site or your competitors’ sites before, after or during their shopping trip?

What Is Path-2-Purchase® Platform?

Path-2-Purchase® Platform revolutionizes consumer research by tracking the behaviors of opted-in, first-party consumers’ movements 24/7, using mobile GPS. Insights professionals can survey these pre-profiled shoppers to capture validated connections between people and places. These are not simulations. This is true consumer behavior captured at the Point-Of-Emotion®.

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Put the “Why” Behind the Buy

Turn non-buyers into buyers.

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