Retail Research Solutions

MFour has transformed market research to meet retailers’ changing data needs in the Smartphone Era. You’ll passively observe opted-in, first-party consumers’ complete daily buying journeys to 12.5 million U.S. retail locations. Then you’ll survey them and discover why they picked this store, why they bought these products, and why they were satisfied or dissatisfied with their shopping experience. The key is an engaged consumer panel of 2.5 million first-party U.S. research participants, all-mobile and all validated. Benefits include full representation and fast access to key consumer segments, including Millennials, Hispanics, African-Americans and Gen Z.

Helping Retail Through Rapid Change

The retail landscape is going through rapid, unprecedented upheaval and the stakes are often stark: adapt or fail. The way forward for market researchers in retail is to embrace the most advanced mobile solutions to stay in touch with consumers and accurately capture their changing attitudes about products and methods of shopping. MFour doubles as a technology innovator that develops the tools and applications retail researchers need to make the most of smartphones’ vast capabilities, and as a market research company connecting brands to consumers for fast, accurate feedback to guide timely, reality-based business decisions

Solutions for Retail

MFour lets you observe GeoValidated® first-party consumers at every stage of their shopping journeys, and then survey them at precisely the right times and places.

  • Track and observe consumer journeys: the right people located in the right places.
  • Survey geolocated shoppers in-store or just after a retail visit.
  • Keep a close watch on customer experience, non-purchasers and competitors’ shoppers.  



Retail Research Options

In-Store Studies

The mobile version of an old-fashioned, in-person shop-along, putting you at the shopper’s shoulder without intruding on the natural customer experience. Uses include:

  • Understand the impact of product placement and in-store promotions.
  • Measure satisfaction with staff on the floor and in the checkout lane.
  • Leverage smartphone cameras and multimedia to see what consumers see and hear what they think.


After-Visit Retail Studies

Get immediate A-to-Z insights on shoppers’ total experience and satisfaction.

  • What did they buy? Validate purchases with photo capture of receipts.
  • Don’t settle for asking what looked for and what they bought. Ask for the “why” and “why not.”
  • Get 25% response rates in one hour, 50% in 24 hours.


Location Visitation Tracking with Path-2-Purchase® Platform

Track consumers over a span of days, weeks or months, observing their journeys to locations relevant to your research. They opt in for GPS tracking because they trust and enjoy the mobile research process and are motivated by fair cash rewards.  

  • Identify loyalists and other key consumer segments based on the frequency or infrequency of their store visits.
  • See how events such as competitors’ special promotions impact foot traffic.
  • Use mobile Path-2-Purchase™ location data to identify consumer segments for further survey research.


Competitive Intelligence

The same mobile capabilities that help you understand your own business can be aimed at your competitors to identify their weaknesses and strengths and develop your plan of battle.

  • Establish private communities of competitors’ validated shoppers (or your own) for regular feedback on key indicators of either brand’s competitive weaknesses and strengths.
  • Mystery shoppers: recruit mobile spies, send them to your competitors’ stores (or your own), then survey them for fast competitive data.
  • Identify members of MFour’s Surveys On The Go® consumer panel who have competing brands’ apps on their phones. 100% IR without screening questions.


Social Media Ad Testing

MFour’s Social Ad Testing gives brands instant pre-launch mobile feedback on creative content of an upcoming ad campaign. Test ad recipients don’t know it’s a test, because Social Ad Testing places your test ad in their personal news feeds.

  • Testing social ads in their actual environment is more accurate than simulating a social platform.
  • Test ad creative on different platforms to see where it does best: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Survey validated ad recipients for recall and awareness, then show them the ad again and get opinions to help identify needed tweaks.


Non-Purchasers Research

Nearly one in four retail customers fail to purchase items they’d come to buy, leaving millions of dollars on the table each day. Connect with validated shoppers for an immediate after-visit survey to discover the “why” behind the non-buy.

  • Were shelves chaotic? Was the product hard to find?
  • Were staff members available and helpful?
  • Pricing a factor? Desired sizes not available?


IHUT/Product-Usage Tracking: A Multi-Phase Approach

Comprehensive mobile IHUT research captures the in-store shopping experience as well as at-home product use and satisfaction.

First Phase: In-Store

Choose your method: intercept natural purchasers or design a recruit-and-send to buy and test the product you’re studying.

  • What’s the best shelf and aisle placement for your store brand products?
  • Does the packaging stand out and do shoppers find it attractive?
  • Use smartphone camera receipt capture to validate natural purchases.


Second Phase: In-Home

Mobile IHUTs don’t rely on memory – you survey users at the Point of Emotion®, precisely when they’re consuming the product.

  • “Video selfies” captured during or just after using the product give you the real story in facial expression and tone of voice, as well as listening to the consumer’s own words.
  • Expect response rates of 85% for the in-home product use phase, up to two weeks after the purchase.


200 Completes in 2 ½ Hours at 7-Eleven

Learn how MFour’s GeoValidation® GPS technology sets the new standard for blazing fast quick-turn research.

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